Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Article: Internet Chess Techniques

Welcome to my article on Internet Chess Techniques. Today, I want to go through a number of techniques related to online play. Although some of these tricks are not highly practical, they are fun to use. I will use my Internet Chess Club account to play through examples.


Premove is a function available on many high-quality chess servers, such as PlayChess or ICC. It allows you to play a move automatically regardless of what the opponent plays, unless it is illegal. The server automatically plays the move for you, taking 0.1 seconds off your clock. Although it's fairly easy to get burned by premove, it will provide you with countless wins and draws from losing positions, so it's advantages far outweigh its shortcomings. Below is an example of a 1-minute game in which I employ premove to save a lot of time. It ultimately helps me win the game because otherwise I would have lost on time... (Click link for full article)

Click here to access the new "Internet Chess Techniques" article.

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